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Requirements Engineering in Practice

04-06-2013 16:00 - 05-06-2013 18:30


Lauro Canonica is an IREB certified requirement engineer and a Java solution architect with many years of experience in the banking and telecommunication sectors.

Elke Mittendorf  is Principal Consultant at Trivadis AG, Discipline Manager for Requirements Development and Management, and trainer for Trivadis’ “Requirements Engineering” course (IREB). Elke is an experienced moderator between business and IT and she loves modeling.    

Stefan Sturm started in April 2010 as a project manager for the international Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V., the holder of the “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering” (CPRE) certificate. On April 1st 2011 he was appointed Managing Director of IREB GmbH, the operating company of IREB. In this position he is responsible for all the numerous activities resulting from the worldwide growing success of the CPRE certificate.


“If you don't know where you are going,
every road will get you nowhere”

                      H. Kissinger


Clear requirements are the key to project success. We all know this, but we often forget and pay the price. Among the top reasons for failure of software projects are poor definition and poor management of customer requirements.

Requirements engineering has always been part of any project and, in the last years, it has become fundamental, due to the increasing complexity in IT, delocalization of development teams and increasing quality needs.

Starting with a look at past failures, the conference will move to discussing requirements engineering in practice under various methodologies and will close with a presentation of certifications as a tool to promote established technologies and methods.

Lauro Canonica will introduce the speakers and present: “Lessons from the past; failures that could have been avoided” with examples of projects that failed because of poor requirement engineering practices.

Elke Mittendorf will present “Requirements Engineering freed from dogmata”
There are several process models that can lead an undertaking in IT to success: agile (e.g. SCRUM), iterative (e.g. RUP) or sequential (e.g. Hermes or V-Model) process models.
Requirements development and requirements management are essential components of each of these schools of thought. In our daily work we usually have to be able to work with each and every of these process models and even more: We meet customers who – in spite of an agreed process approach – just do not behave in the same way as the pure doctrine prescribes.
In this situation the remedy and the challenge is: forget rigid dogmata and concentrate on the goals of requirements engineering. We shall present some interesting results of this approach which supports our daily work in a pragmatic way.

Stefan Sturm will present “The contribution of certification to successful Requirements Engineering”
Common terminology as well as established techniques and methods are key success factors of Requirements Engineering. Certification models are important instruments for standardization. The three level CPRE certification model addresses the discipline of Requirements Engineering. The Foundation Level, started in 2006, is international well established. In 2011 the two Advanced Level modules “Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation” and “Requirements Modeling” have been published. This presentation introduces the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB e.V.) and the certification model “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering” (CPRE). The structure and setup of the certification model are explained and important differences to other certification models are highlighted. The advantages of a common understanding of the terminology and the usage of widely acknowledged techniques and methods are outlined.

The talks will be held in English


16:00-16:15 Registrazione

16:15-16:20 Benvenuto e introduzione ATED

16:20-16:30 Lauro Canonica: Lessons from the past; failures that could have been avoided

16:30-17:20 Elke Mittendorf: Requirements Engineering freed from dogmata

17:20-18:10 Stefan Sturm: The contribution of certification to successful Requirements Engineering

18:10-18:20 Domande e discussione con i relatori

18:20-19:00 Rinfresco offerto per tutti


SOCI ATED / SOCI Swiss Engineering / SOCI ATST: gratuita

NON soci: CHF 50.00

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